Norberto Moretti teaches Drawing and Painting at his private atelier.
Since 1994 he has been producing and conducting El Cuento de la Buena Pipa (en Pintura), a TV cultural show (Rosario’s Channel 6 - Cablevision and Multicanal, Argentina) totally dedicated to plastic arts. It has achieved important national and provincial awards, such as ATVC (from the Argentine Cable Television Association) as Best Educational Show, in 1996, 1998 and 1999.

He also manages Alternative Site for Arts, Cibic, exhibiting works of dead artists as a way of paying them homage. Thus he retrieves, for the whole community, creators who have been part of Rosario's art history, even when some of them are seldom remembered. He exhibited in Latin American Art Biennial, Bonn (Germany), 1986, and also in VIII Ibero-american Biennial of Arts, Mexico D.F., 1992.

In 1972, his collection of short stories titled Quien viaja con nosotros? (Who Is Traveling with Us?) was granted the National Fund for the Arts Award, that consisted in the publication of the book.

He collaborates periodically with diverse publications, with notes on plastic arts, comics and other cultural topics.

Since 1992 he has coordinated, for the town's Education and Culture Department, a new project called "The Work of Art is Part of Our Daily Life"; it consists on taking works of local artists to those schools that want to participate, so as to connect them to the school community; at the end of the year, an exhibition is mounted in Bernardino Rivadavia Cultural Center, where each artist exhibits a picture and children from the intervening schools, works they have done, based on their contacts with the artists and their exhibits. This is a completion of a project he started around 1990, when he would take his own pictures to any school that asked for them, talk to children and work with them.

Since 1992, he has been working for the department of Education and Culture of Rosario's Town Hall. His work consists in taking his work to different schools and showing it to the students personally. The experience "The Work of Art is Part of the Daily Life" consists in showing pieces of work done by local artists to schools that request them, putting the author in contact with the school community, so that students not only appreciate different expressions of art but have contact with the authors of those works. Annually, a great exhibition is carried out with a work of each artists partaking in the experience and the works that the boys have done since their contact with them.




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