Landscape series 2005

“Two years later, another turn, even if I were not to leave the figurative yet -- it was a sort of bridge between abstraction and the figurative, this time working with oils and spatula (even if it is not easily seen, because of the use of spatula with a scarce texture and passage on the canvas, and a severe management of color keys used in order to achieve an ambience of sunset, sunrise, cold, heat, or whatever I wanted in each case, always with much synthesis). Artist and art critic Rubén de la Colina wrote for the catalog, among other things:

‘Strictly limited to pictoric order, and stressing color planes, he rehearses in every work a sort of visual liturgy, in which you can perceive the trascendental presence of a natural act -- of earth, air and water transformed in an artistic act deprived of any kind of compromise.’

‘With no need of being cheaply advertised, ecology appears underlying this visual song, devotely dedicated to the universal order like a psalm of praise.’

“Seeing Norberto Moretti’s last pictoric work is an opportunity for noticing the admiration of an oversensitive artist who, as our Saer said, has discovered that “every fragmentary but unique place in the world incarnates him in his wholeness”… Synthesis of a universe the enigmatic complexity of which we try to disentangle.”




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