”Were they just cartoons?

Was the title I gave the exhibition I did in 2003 as an homage to comics (given names are from magazines published in Argentina in those years). For several years I had been working on abstract or semi-abstract blotches, so that exhibition was my return to the figurative. On the one hand I worked in the manners of Hogarth, Raymond, Pratt, etc, precisely as a homage, and so I forced myself to be in their shoes (and drawings). Besides, the exhibition included huge works which were compositions made with those characters (now drawn my own way) and texts, names of great scriptwriters and artists, a very discreet use of color and so on. In the catalog I introduced myself saying:
In those times we called them "cartoons"; later on they became "comics". They were worlds populated by heroes and bad guys in a constant struggle -- "the good guys" would always win and "the bad guys" always went to jail. At least in Columba and in Tor, for example. Later on Frontera brought less perfect ways, but they were still full of ideals.

Comics, like the cinema, had a very strong influence over several generations. Generations that, while growing on, would learn that the bad guys not always ended in jail nor the good guys unfailingly won.

You wonder where those heroes of our childhood are now. For, even if time has gone by and we have learnt that the world is not what it should be but what it is, we still have to fight so that some day it will be as it should -- better and meant for everybody.

Are they frozen somewhere, waiting for the right moment to return and materialize that naive hope of a better planet?
Is this hope so naive?
Were they just cartoons?
Can we?



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