“What I’m doing now is a return to splotches. This time it is about a “Fire Apocalypse”; once more I have worked with the canvas lying on the floor, water-diluted acrylic paint and, in this case, inducing figuration myself. “

“When I made the “Water Apocalypse” series, I felt the need to say again, through my painting, that Man, who seems to repeat his mistakes all through history, was about to repeat them again. There were two possibilities, as always: a new landscape, like a new revival, and a totally blank canvas.

Each one could choose the door he would open, the path she would follow, using free will. I had done the same thing years before, with the “Couples Series”, where everyone could choose his favorite end — the happy end, the loving one, or the pain, the break, the splitting. Finally, through this new series of splotches, this “Fire Apocalypse”, I am recalling again the possibility of a near end, that Man seems to be conscious of but does not want to change; thus he is repeating mistakes that he has historically committed once and again. However, there is a double alternative once more; the act of choosing, of using free will, leads to two possibilities: the final end and/or a new world where Man will be the real fellow creature for Man.

Rubén de la Colina wrote about his last works ("Apocalypse Fire"): ".. a blinding visual event of versatility gives a wide interpretive spectrum which grants each piece of work and the collection itself: happiness of continuing living in spite of everything; geologic explosions; stations of a via crucis; the hell built by the man; the magnificence of the natural elements; the chromatic orgy of painter's shop; the voluptuousness of the blood; in short, a projection of interpretations, all valid ones and maybe none of them coincident with the author's tenacious will. Norberto Moretti has a voice that is heard in spite of all the noise. His pictorial exhibition is an entire visual event that maintains fully its coherence, focus and expectation. In these times in that simulation and renounce are inserted the circles of power, it is necessary to point out that this exhibition is also a way to show the author's unrenounceable sincerity."



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