About this exhibition, the artist and critic Ruben de la Colina said: “A consistent development in any métier gives you the right to look at the current position of an artist with a certain expectancy. In this case, suspense was increased by the different stages that divide his creative career. Moretti’s creative personality is already unquestionable. His particular image rests on two firm and unshakable roots: his formal visions and the delectability with chromatic matter. His wonder, and his guiding of color effects, lead to the disclosure of an image world, so figurative in its abstraction that you cannot but relate it to microcosms and macrocosms. The most unpredictable organic formations are showed in every one of these works. They point to an organism that partakes of intimate matter in its primeval condition... The exhibition has all his usual expressive charge and it should be experienced by everyone in silence and solitude. Only this way you will eventually "hear" the sound that comes from those open spaces conceived by Moretti.



Las Obras expuestas son propiedad de Norberto Moretti Prohibida su reproducción total o parcial
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