This is what Fernanda Gonzales Cortinas remarked about these splotches, in 1997: “With color as the leading star in his painting, Moretti shows his purest artistic essence. His work stands in a circular space, with no beginning and no end, so what could be the last picture is connected to the first one, and the trip starts again. At every round, the viewer must surrender to the significant power of those works, and acknowledge the possibility of a different reading every time. Now the artist faces a trip to nothingness, where vapors and wetness disappear at the passage of man. Where something existed before, there is only color now, the essence of past things, in a plastic construction built on a capable handling of glazes and textures, with a harmonious arrangement of aesthetic elements and a careful, arbitrary use of color, all this with a well defined, unique plastic sense.”



Las Obras expuestas son propiedad de Norberto Moretti Prohibida su reproducción total o parcial
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