“I liked movies even when I was very young and went often to neighboring cinemas. Tarzan, Robin Hood, Flash Gordon, Bogart, Cooper, Judy Garland, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth; later, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando. Through my painting I wanted to pay a homage to those movies, to those stars. “

The “Kissing Hollywood good-bye” series was shown in 1994; the artist said in its brochure: "On thinking of a name for this series, several came up. Finally it was "Kissing Hollywood goodbye", stolen from some biography by Anita Loos ("Part I" is mine). The rest of them were: "Who believes in happy ends?", "Cinemascope, Panoramic Screen and less and more", "The hunters for lost happy ends", "Exorcising Hollywood", "Extinction and surviving of happy ends", "Rumba, Boogie Boogie, Frank Sinatra and Hollywood", "Homage"... "Are happy ends dead?", "I was born in 1943".

About this exhibition, Emilio Bellón said: "His series of characters burst out from a palette that never fears anything ghostly or ridiculous, nor a gesture brought out from that feeling, perhaps stolen during a long matinee.” This is from La Capital review: "You cannot miss it, either if you are wistful or if you love to recognize those epoch-making images (and characters). Moretti are one of those who cannot and won’t prevent all the paint they carry inside from spilling out."

Critic Enrique Gené stated: "Moretti’s exhibition has been painted by the kid from Cinema Paradiso. It is very unusual... a show of day-dreaming and enchantment, of something childish."



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