“Brazil’s color is incredible, just like its light.”

In 1993 he spends a long period in Araujo Island, Brazil, with his wife Marta and his three children Virginia, Irene and Alejo.
Afterwards this experience is reflected in a series of pictures. They are shown in Rosario and Asuncion, Paraguay. This is a country he returns to more and more frequently, as he feels strongly tied to it.
About his Asuncion exhibition, critic Vicky Torres said: “ It is his shadow brush, his almost imperceptible handling of light shades, what identifies Moretti as an expressionist painter. But there is more than just light. There is more than just shadow.
Moretti simplifies shapes and states wide, insinuating rhythms, where color seems to melt into a whole that is veiled by his vision, a whole where color and shape are fused and faded, only to be reborn in front of your eyes, stronger than ever. “More than the good making of his pictures, what matters about Moretti is his way of looking. Any painter’s secret can be found there. What he tries to convey is his point of view about the world. "
And Moretti´s point of view, strong and forceful, is full of shadows and darkness in those that life, overflowing and full, edges with death.

In this Rosarino's artist´s Arcady, just like in some of Poussin’s pictures, finitude casts its shadow over happy shepherds living there. The invisible is, in fact, what shows clearly in his pictures."




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