"I had always wanted to pay homage to the jazz people and cabaret people with their stories and environments. And I did it. When returning from an exhibition in Belgium, I was able to attend a great jazz festival that finally catapulted the series."

At Lima, Peru, critic Daniel Caballero said about his 1988 exhibition: “His palette is vibrant and exalted, like a bright rainbow; his landscapes carry brushstrokes made with a fever that reminds that of Maurice de Vlaminck’s; it is not dramatic, though, but hotly athletic. His visions feel much like symphonic music, for his landscapes have fullness of an orchestra. Moretti also shows a series of pictures of a very wide inspiration: from fruit to singers, still natures and cabaret stamps, among languid melodies, thick makeup and burning cigars. The exhibition is entertaining, colorful, listless and dynamic.”



Las Obras expuestas son propiedad de Norberto Moretti Prohibida su reproducción total o parcial
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