At Lucca, Italy, critic Mario Marzocchi said about his painting, in 1986: "His compositions are true blasts of color, incredible because of their purity and sharpness; they look like a sequel of Gauguin or Van Gogh. Feelings emerge clearly from his deep imagination, for Moretti, who has made art his vocation, has built a poetic, rich and seductive world for himself, only after repeated interventions into reality. Apples, pears, watermelons, bananas, depicted in their material fullness, are stressed on imaginative backgrounds. And what can one say about his landscapes? Brilliant, like Wagnerian symphonies, they spread with strong ascending sounds.”

At Köln, Germany, Scala magazine stated, in 1986: “You notice at once you are in the presence of a dynamic artist, full of dramatic sensitivity, who never stops at analyzing structures, but creates from a great vital height.”

In 1986, the critic Patricia Martínez Dufour said: "A collection of forty five works that shows concern for the illumination as a factor of mobility and big color planes as a self justification to his painting. An exhibition that, beyond the immediate thing, it should be observed as the result of a constant aesthetic search."

He was especially invited to the Biennial of Latin American Art, carried out in Bonn, Germany, in this year



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