In 1981, Moretti starts exhibiting his work in other countries: Paraguay, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, Brussels, Bulgaria, Italy, Peru, Spain and Holland.

About his exhibition in Buenos Aires, 1982, again at Witcomb Gallery, critic Olga R.Z. de Pareja Nunez said: “Finding the rhythm process is essential in painting. Norberto Moretti’s pictures eloquently express the sensitive side of landscapes. His wistful imagination induces him to cover the canvas with a subtle matter, applied with a spatula in its main features, in order to stress the plastic gesture. Starting from a clear synthesis, sharpened precisely in a certain way of pronouncing the abstract, Moretti proclaims a totally personal time. And in this time, which runs away from objective reality, we discover the lineage of this honest creator ."

In l982, La Capital newspaper (Rosario) published: "The landscapes, built with the adding of chromatic shades, drive us towards a new phase in his painting. The nature, in the artist's optics, is made up of tonal impressions, which are exact interpreters of the formative and lyrical intention that encourages the spirit of his reality".

In 1982, La Nación newspaper commented on his work: "Moretti investigates the space through the structure and the form. The landscapes refer to a space and plastic dimension, shown through chromatic planes or a smooth stains, that defines features of nature and reaches one of the painter's better achievements in 'Aleros, silos y giros'."



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