“Art is life.”

Regarding an exhibition carried out in l977 in Rosario, La Capital newspaper published: "We find a balanced creative sense in the exposed collection, due to a greater acquisition of the required atmosphere, and what is more, valuable for the future of his work: the exhibition of a fine chromatic sensibility."

In the same year, La Unión de Adrogué newspaper (Buenos Aires), commented: "he manages an energetic palette, full of life and vibrant emotion. His drawing is deep -especially seen in the portraits-, and he moves within perspectives where different planes provide the canvas with a singular communication for the spectator."

Luján Carranza gave his opinion of an exhibition carried out by Moretti at the Renon gallery: ".. but if his figures are good, we estimate that his still life concept (that was never less still than in this case) shows his creative temperament alive."

In 1978, La Actualidad en el Arte magazine, said on his painting: " The polychromy that he is proud of, defines him as a promise of the interior of his country."

In 1978, El Cronista Comercial newspaper (Buenos Aires), published the following comment on his exhibition at Witcomb gallery: "…technically mature, innate and instinctive painter, since he manages forms and colors with ease, and he knows how to give each painting an unmistakable stamp and effective chromatic vibrations in a solid convincing design."



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