In 1972, La Capital newspaper's art critic, Horacio Correas, commented on Moretti's first individual exhibition: " At the Hall 'Lucio Fontana' from Banco Popular of Rosario, painter/writer Norberto Moretti has carried out his first individual exposition consisting of eighteen oils; one group that exemplifies his concept on the topics of the portrait, still life and landscape, carried out effortlessly to show that particular expression. The exhibitor depicts the human figure representing a series of biblical characters, such as Barrabas, Longibus, Mary Magdalene, etc, as fruit of his inner representation of the same ones; work which is not exempt of chromatic ease and expressive vigor. But where Moretti achieves his best is in the conception of the landscape that he sustains -of which a proof is "The storm"- with brilliant and exalted coloring. That prints a dramatic accent to the conceived vision, equally kept in "The place of the legend", where the painter has transmitted with simple colors the solitude that flows from a ruined nature. As for the different "still life" works of his own, the handling of a dense and decanted subject in their tonal constitution is clearly shown in them."



Las Obras expuestas son propiedad de Norberto Moretti Prohibida su reproducción total o parcial
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